Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

Reasons to Use Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud computing is a relatively new way of storing and using data. Many businesses regardless of size are utilizing it to support their business functions. Private cloud computing supports and maintains software, hardware, infrastructure, and IT support on external servers that are accessible via the Internet.

The private cloud offers a high level of security because all data stays in a defined physical location.

The benefits cloud computing can offer vary greatly. Many businesses are constantly searching for cost-effective solutions. Cloud computing is cost-effective because businesses only pay for usage, and not for hardware, software, upgrades and the like.

In addition to saving money, cloud computing allows businesses to be innovative, to create services and products that previously weren't possible. Also, when businesses make use of cloud computing, they have access to more storage space and computing power without purchase of new equipment..

Businesses find using private cloud companies' services to be extremely simple. After purchasing a subscription, businesses are able to log in to the network from anywhere the Internet can be accessed. The self-service aspect of private cloud computing is surprisingly self-sufficient. Businesses can access their data when needed from any place that has access to the Internet.

DataHive's private cloud provides no muss, no fuss service -- a simple phone call (403) 313-1106 gets you set up and running with your operating system and required capacity. You simply upload your software and you are in business.

With fewer complications in the work place, DataHive's private cloud offering can be run more effectively. There are fewer barriers to help businesses innovate and expand as they choose.

DataHive's private cloud services are maintained in our own reliable and secure data centre in Calgary, Alberta. A full backup service is offered to further ensure peace of mind that client data is well protected.

To summarize, there are many benefits to using DataHive's private cloud computing services. Well-organized information that is easy to access, customizable features, and reporting tools help businesses to streamline processes that otherwise might be time consuming and redundant. Using DataHive's cloud computing service your business can become more efficient and be able to spend time on business development, product innovation and customer support. DataHive's private cloud computing services can help you manage your business much more effectively.

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