FYI's About The Private Cloud

Advantages of Private Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting you can say goodbye to the old idea of renting a server and to be limited to the resources it offers.

Here are a few great reasons to consider private cloud hosting.

  • Private cloud hosting companies provide a service in which the hardware is irrelevant to the customer. By not paying for hardware capital costs are eliminated.
  • Need more RAM? More hard disk space? More bandwidth? Cloud hosting allows you to hire and pay for only what you need. DataHive's private cloud hosting supplies all these requirements on a pay-for-what-you-need basis.
  • Private cloud hosting with DataHive gives customers an energy efficient infrastructure at a lower cost.
  • Businesses can expand, add or remove cloud servers without changing their server resources.
  • Private cloud hosting guarantees a minimum of 99.99% uptime with DataHive.
  • Hardware level virtualization ensures more security in private cloud hosting.

With private cloud hosting, you only have to configure your server's parameters: needed processing power, RAM, capacity of hard disk disk, operating system and control panel. The rest will be done by the DataHive of Calgary.

Characteristics of Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud computing is economical. A very small company can use cloud computing to launch a service without any capital investment in hardware. Thus, with private cloud computing, virtually with no start-up software and hardware investment is needed.

Private cloud computing is like a machine with unlimited resource that runs 24 hours and 7 days a week and all those resources are shared.

Here are a few characteristics of DataHive's private cloud computing.

  • Private cloud computing is self healing: in case of failure, the last backup automatically becomes the primary copy.
  • Private cloud computing offers high scalability: it is not one computer or server but rather many that are put to use to handle the situation.
  • Private cloud computing is a multipurpose virtualization system.
  • With public cloud computing it is not possible to know precisely where your data is physically present.
  • With private cloud computing, such as offered by DataHive, it is possible to know precisely where the servers housing your data are stored.
  • A hybrid approach uses both public and private cloud computing.

DataHive Consultation

Use DataHive's expertise to help determine a strategic approach to cloud computing. This will include:
• review of your performance requirements
• measuring current requirements and project future needs
• assessing your operating system, networks, switches and connections
• implementing and putting into action.

Contact DataHive of Calgary (403) 313-1106 or email for more information on private cloud computing.

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