Lower Costs with Private Cloud Computing

Can Your Business Afford to Not Use Private Cloud Computing?

A company that adopts cloud computing can reduce its energy consumption, lower its carbon emissions and decrease its capital expenditure on IT resources while improving operational efficiency.

Cloud computing can:

• Help users avoid costly up-front capital investments in infrastructure

• Improve time-to-market as a new server can be created or brought online in minutes

• Provide greater flexibility as clouds allow firms to pay for excess capacity only when they need it

• Avoid the continual maintenance of excess capacity needed to handle spikes

• Improve automation that helps drive process efficiencies.


Real Cost Savings in Private Cloud Computing

Why are so many companies suddenly embracing the private cloud? One reason is that software developers have been releasing a significant number of productivity and other business tools that once needed to be installed on computers or servers but are now accessible via the Internet.

The cost advantages are clear. Instead of buying additional servers and storage devices that are used only a fraction of the time, plus additional licenses of software that may be used sporadically by employees, companies can enable workers to use cloud versions of those same applications and only pay for the amount of time actually used.

These metered cloud services allow companies to use a broader range of capabilities without incurring the costs associated with implementing these systems and applications within their own IT departments.

Using Internet-based e-mail, for example, would slash the costs of its on-premises messaging infrastructure while actually improving reliability and scalability.

Employees gain the additional benefit of instantly upgrading to the most current version of the e-mail application, since the software is constantly maintained and updated by the provider in the cloud.
The move to an online e-mail platform alone can cut e-mail costs dramatically, allowing companies to trim the IT budget and free up IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

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